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All’s fair in Lust and War || Drabble


She turned dark eyes up at him. She could not allow him to influence her… and as her arm covered the mark she bared her teeth like a she wolf guarding a den. 
" I am /not/ desperate, It was your bloody brother that forced me to flee…who took your memories away from you to try and protect you," She stated lowly. 

" And what I did was something that is against the rules for them," She stated bitterly, eyes flashing a bit at the memory. 
" I didn’t abide by their rules of demon nature and so they sought to punish me for that… and perhaps it was a good thing…" Lust narrowed her eyes at him. 
" What do you care?" She snapped. 

" You didn’t … You were just as set to destroy everything as they were. Fuck they did you a favor," She turned her eyes sharply back down to her thighs. 
" If you’d have gotten your hands on me first you’d have done the same thing, the only difference is that you would have killed me too. Go on then… get out of here. Go play war. " 

Several unanswered questions plagued his thoughts. Every word, every syllable, every vocal that escaped her lips made up the walls of a maze that seemed to stretch and expand. Wrath was growing impatient and angry. So she chose to maintain secrecy for the sake of…whatever she thought was worthy of hiding. Fine. He collected his things.

// “My brother is a naïve brat. But at least he speaks in a forward fashion. You…YOU on the other hand are merely a waste of my FUCKING time.”//

The demon clothed himself, swung the door open and marched outside into the luscious atmosphere of the entire building. Nobody paid him any mind when he walked out. Many of the fellas were too busy with their tongues down a woman’s throat or in the middle of a drinking binge. War. It did things to a man…Wrath was not a man…he was a monster…

Overseas in a town seemingly perfect on the surface, Patience held in his hand two falsified documents declaring one Mr. Stern and his daughter as non-Jews and full blooded outstanding citizens of the new Germany. But the two recipients never arrived. The virtue sat in his cozy apartment staring at the documents knowing in his soul that so long as he continued trying, then he could at least save some lives from this disgusting war. Pat looked out his window, watching a small bird land on a branch and clean its wings. No doubt, his brother (wherever he was) would be participating in the war too…

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A shared bottle of wine

    — ” You really don’t seem like
                  you’d be drinking this. “

   But he pours him some, regardless.

// “So long’s it not poisoned, I could use anything right about now.”//

Brian makes no hesitation in grabbing the cup for a nice drawn sip.

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❝ we can't define will. at all. ❞

an independent will graham blog

i. 12+ years of roleplaying experience.

ii. multiship/multiverse, semi-selective, independent.

iii. crossover friendly, even encouraged.

iv. amenable to all types of roleplay, including script, para, and novella. 

v. the askbox is always open and alternate forms of contact (ie; skype) are available upon request.

vi. used to be empathesque; that url will redirect you to murderesque.

                                                    - i - ii - iii -

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i really want an “i accidentally broke into your house/apartment because my friend lives next door to you and i was in the area, drunk, and i thought i was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch (and i did wonder when my friend got two cats but i didn’t question it) so now i’m hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin” au